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Heard a song you liked on The Palm, but don't recognize it on the list? Email us at music@hometowncolumbia.com and tell us as much as you can (date and time, male or female singer, band, any lyrics you remember, etc.) and we'll get right back to you.

Song of the FortnightMark Bryan is a respected singer, songwriter, performer with almost any stringed instrument, teacher... and when he's not busy, he brings in artists to his studio or finds works by unknown artists to bring to you.

"In response to interest from friends and fans, I began sending out some of my new songs, songs I produce, and songs from singers I want you to hear. You can listen to them at www.SongOfTheFortnight.com, increasingly." - Mark Bryan.

Join us as we bring you Mark's finds in Song of the Fortnight every Tuesday and Thursday at 6am and 6pm on Hometown Radio.

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